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The online inventory is the automated purchasing platform for digital media of Medialaan - De Persgroep Advertising, IPM Advertising, Mediahuis Connect, Pebble Media, Proximus Skynet Advertising, Rossel Advertising, Roularta Media and Trustmedia.

The online inventory (display, mobile and video) of the major Belgian players is available on one single digital platform. Besides making the sales process more efficient, it also enhances transparency:

  • Order forms are generated automatically and can be downloaded as requested.
  • A direct link with the ad server ensures that availabilities can be verified, reserved and ordered in real time
  • Thanks to a chat system, all questions regarding a campaign can be processed promptly and efficiently
  • Annual contracts and other commercial arrangements are taken into account with every transaction.
  • Via, you can reach 3 million Internet users per day


A user-friendly dashboard provides insight in outstanding offers, options and editor feedback. In addition, it is possible to get connected to internal systems of media buyers.

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