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Data targeting

Digital advertising based on data targeting.

With our digital portfolio of nearly 20 different touch points based on five different media types, we offer the advertiser a tremendous range of first-party data. Apart from premium demographic, behavioral and intent data, we also offer the option of creating customized targeting for each type of advertiser.

This always guarantees the relevance for both the advertiser and the surfer.

Targeting options


With Basic targeting, you as an advertiser can target on Capping, Time, Device, IP, Browser, Domain (ISP) and Operating system.


With Portrait targeting, you as an advertiser can target on Gender, Age, Residence and Social Class (wealth).


Behavioural targeting is based on reading behaviour, viewing behaviour or information on contests, events, and tickets. Specifically, you as an advertiser can target on Finance, Sport, Tech, Travel, Car, Health, Food, Fashion, Culture, Music and Movie interests.


With Intent targeting, you as an advertiser can target on Financial, Consumer Electronics, Building & Renovation, Movers, Energy, Job or Real Estate intenders.


Custom targeting is based on Brand website visits, (native) ad engagement, an (offline) brand database or campaign data. Specifically, as an advertiser you can target on Brand retargeting, Reconnect ad engagers, Audience activation, Lookalike modelling and Audience profiling.