National advertising on our radio channels.

Tech specs


Applications for advertising spots are requested to the planning department for Qmusic and Joe. This is for one product or service.

Booking is based on availability; for spots, it depends on the length of the spot and potential competitors in the same advertising block. For each campaign the rate is charged that is valid at the time the spot is screened.


As soon as the client has requested airtime for one of his products or services online, he receives an order confirmation. The client has the option to adjust the spot list during the first 3 days following the booking, without a signature requirement.

The spot list will then be blocked pending the first signature. This must be signed for approval and returned to MEDIALAAN no later than 10 working days after the date of the order confirmation.

If the campaign starts earlier, the order confirmation/contract must be back with MEDIALAAN at least 5 working days before the first spot is aired. In all other cases, MEDIALAAN regards the campaign as cancelled.

The budget for which the order confirmation/contract was signed (the highest contract) must be invested in full.


The client can make changes up to 5 working days before the transmission, but only in the case of spots. For this, the original signed order confirmation needs to be returned. MEDIALAAN wishes to be as accommodating as possible in respect of demand and supply.

The changed and signed order confirmation must still be returned for agreement within 10 working days after making changes and at the latest 5 working days before transmission. .

Technical conditions

Preferably, please deliver the material via, sending your confirmation of delivery to Féline De Caluwé.

Contact details: / 02/255 34 47

Spots must meet the following specifications:

·       Files in WAV format

·       Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

·       maximum peak level: -9 dBFS

·       Word length: 16 bit (CD quality)

·       silences no longer than 4 secs.

 Content advice:

- The spot must be intelligible (be careful with caricatures, high voices, dialects etc.)

- Ideally, the spot's target audience is also the channel's target audience

- Use music that matches and/or is not disruptive to the channel

- Spots must be respectful to everyone (humans and animals)

- Spots must fit within the Medialaan values

For the pre-roll with the High-Frequency campaigns, the 10-second spot of the corresponding radio campaign will be used; longer versions are not allowed. In the event that there are multiple versions and the client does not provide a specific spot version for the pre-roll section of the campaign, an equal number of impressions for each spot version will be aimed for.

At the end of the campaign, the client will receive a confirmation of the total number of impressions delivered. If the number of impressions is insufficient, the balance of impressions will be delivered as pre-roll as soon as possible after completion of the radio campaign. No compensation will be provided for late impressions that are delivered after the linear non-digital radio campaign.

Emergency number

Do you have an urgent issue with your campaign on weekdays before 8:30am and after 5pm or in the weekend? For radio, television or publishing call 02 255 04 04 and for digital call 0477 910 908 and we will resolve the problem for you.