National advertising on our television channels.

Tech specs



Our planning department handles the requested campaigns for VTM, Q2, Vitaya, CAZ, VTM KIDS and VTM KIDS JR. You can also contact them for our external partners Disney Flanders and Wallonia and Nickelodeon Flanders and Wallonia.

Booking is based on availability; for spots, it depends on the length of the spot and potential competitors in the same advertising block. For each campaign the rate is charged that is valid at the time the spot is screened.


As soon as the client has requested airtime for one of his products or services, he receives an order confirmation. The client has the option to adjust the spot list during the first 3 days following the booking, without a signature requirement.

The spot list will then be blocked pending the first signature. This must be signed for approval and returned to DPG Media no later than 10 working days after the date of the order confirmation.

If the campaign starts earlier, the order confirmation/contract must be back with DPG Media at least 5 working days before the first spot is aired. In all other cases, DPG Media regards the campaign as cancelled.

The budget for which the order confirmation/contract was signed (the highest contract) must be invested in full.


The client can make changes up to 5 working days before the transmission, but only in the case of spots. For this, the original signed order confirmation needs to be returned. DPG Media wishes to be as accommodating as possible in respect of demand and supply.

The changed and signed order confirmation must still be returned for agreement within 10 working days after making changes and at the latest 5 working days before transmission.

Technical conditions


In the interest of an expeditious service, the spots should be submitted via D-MAT.

Info regarding submission can be found on


Sampling frequency 48 kHz

Audio channels: stereo, (mono compatible)

Level: Integrated -23 LUFS in accordance with EBU R128 standard with following specifications:

o Momentary Max: +8 LU

o Short Max: no limit

o Max dBTP: -3 dBTP

o LRA: no limit

o Integrated = -23 LUFS (= 0LU)


For airing television spots, the same care is used as for programmes. For the materials and the finishing, the same quality requirements therefore apply. DPG Media has the right to decline TV spots that do not meet these requirements.

Reasons to decline a spot include: lack of homogeneity of the images, blurry images, poor colour quality, incorrect aspect ratio, asynchrony of sound and image, unintelligible speech, an illegible printed text, other shortcomings.


It is possible to have the picture and sound start in a way that is not a hundred percent synchronous. Under no circumstances may the sound ever precede the picture. In the end, the sound may not outlast the picture. To determine the duration of a TV spot, the length of the picture is measured.


Regardless of the picture format, a TV spot with stereo sound must have the left channel recorded on the track defined as audio 1, while the right channel will be recorded on the track defined as audio 2. If no stereo sound is available, the mono sound must be recorded on both tracks 1 and 2. As both tracks are used for the mono viewer, a positive correlation between both tracks must be taken into account. The use of Dolby Prologic (analogous matrix-coded surround sound) is allowed. Audio modulation up to max. -9dBFS.


DPG Media airs mainly in widescreen (16:9). To ensure continuity with the programmes, all TV spots are aired in widescreen. No exceptions can be made to this rule.

All submitted spots must have the picture format “16:9 anamorphic” (see below for a detailed description of the different picture formats).


-MXF ON-1a

-HD: MPEG2 long GOP, 50 Mb/s

Check the technical sheet on for all details.

Emergency number

Experiencing an urgent problem with your campaign on weekdays before 8.30am and after 5.30pm or during the weekend? For radio, television or publishing, call 02-255-04-04; for digital, call 0477-910-908 and we will resolve the problem for you.