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Searching for the ideal media plan? Allow Commspoint to create it for you!

These days, reaching your consumer is easier said than done. And, we admit, it can be difficult to choose from our 35 brands and 5 media formats. But that’s why we developed Commspoint – a smart tool that calculates the perfect media mix for reaching your target group. 

What is Commspoint?

merken MEDIALAAN - de Persgroep

Commspoint is a strategic media planning tool that enables us to evaluate and optimise the impact of your script. The tool is based on a variety of inputs: local knowledge about the use of media, data from a survey of 2,000 Flemish people on media and contact points, and Nielsen expertise in building media planning tools. 

Why are we offering you this tool?

Because, as an advertising agency, we strive to be increasingly solution-oriented and wish to build a tool that’s precisely tailored to our extensive portfolio of media and contact points. Commspoint enables us to offer you a bespoke media plan that optimally matches your objectives. 

How does Commspoint work?


The tool uses two essential building blocks: 

Got a specific objective in mind? Then, based on local research, we examine which touchpoints best match your goal. Suppose that your goal is ‘to become the chosen brand for 16-65 year olds’. The tool indicates the impact of 40 touch points on this target market. 

Reach and frequency 
How many people will my campaign reach and how often? Commspoint provides an answer to this crucial question in two steps. The first step is to simulate your campaign reach based on local data or CIM currencies. During the second step, the tool simulates what one medium adds to another medium, based on Belgian research. 

The finishing touch
Once the essentials have been defined, you can fine-tune your plan using various elements. Some examples? The cost per GRP, the options for regional targeting, the visualisation of products and consumer interaction. During the creation of your campaign, we also consider: is the message complicated or straightforward? Is it a new message or has something similar already appeared? In summary, everything you need to finalise your plan, right down to the very last detail. 

Keen to learn more about Commspoint? Watch the video!

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