Q sounds better with you.


Facts & Figures

19.9 %
Market share 18-44
18.9 %
Daily reach 18-44
755 935
Daily reach 12+

The philosophy of Qmusic is to be found in its baseline: “Q sounds better with you”. The DJs and the team constantly bring that promise to life and always put the listeners front and centre. As a dynamic hit radio, we try to connect with the hearts of our fans every day with relevant programmes, sparkling personalities and high-profile actions.

Michael Dujardin - Channel Manager Qmusic

Derived brands


Our brands and their derivatives reinforce and complement each other, or they simply allow you to target your advertising more. Communicating your message across a mixture of platforms will match your audience's habits and have more impact. You can find the Qmusic brand and all its derivatives below:

Qmusic / Qmusic.be / Q mobile