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Dr. Oetker - Bake My Day

Basic info

Dr. Oetker

Advertiser: Dr. Oetker
Product/brand: Baking products
Title/platform: Dr. Oetker baking products
Sector: FMCG
Period: November - December 2018

Campagne info

We created the 'Bake My Day' campaign in collaboration with Dr. Oetker. During each episode, TV chef Sofie Dumont surprised a Belgian celebrity (including Niels Destadsbader and Dina Tersago) with a personal message in the form of their favourite cake!

The campaign was characterised by its cross-media approach: online video content on cooking platform VTM Koken was enhanced by a native section on hln.be. The video content invariably comprised a recipe video in which Sofie prepared the cake, and a video in which she visited the Belgian celebrity in question and subsequently presented them with the cake. 

The campaign was additionally supported by a branded page on VTM Koken and a Bake My Day competition.

Dr. Oetker
Dr. Oetker