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Heb je op weekdagen voor 08:30 of na 17:30, of in het weekend een dringend probleem met je campagne? Bel voor radio, televisie of publishing naar 02 255 04 04 en voor digitaal naar 0477 910 908 en we lossen het voor je op!

Heb je een vraag over je abonnement? Dan kan je hier terecht.

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This team takes care of your peace of mind: they guarantee the flawless appearance of your advertising campaign in our media and ensure correct invoicing afterwards. Do you have a question about your order processing, your invoice or our planning and traffic? Team 'Adops' will happily assist you.

Business Development

This team is always looking for tomorrow's initiatives, be it for TV, radio, publishing or online. They look beyond today and search for solutions that provide value for you in the long term. Do you have a question or a challenge for them? Contact them.

Business Intelligence

Collecting data and converting them to knowledge, information and adequate action: our business intelligence team is working every day to create competitive tools from which you, as an advertiser, will benefit. Would you like to find out more? Our Business Intelligence team colleagues will happily assist you.


Are you looking for a creative partner to write authentic stories together? Or are you wondering how we could connect your brand to relevant content in an innovative way, either cross-media or monomedia? Then contact our colleagues from team 'Creative'. They will happily assist you.


Let our digital experts guide you towards the best digital solution. This team is always looking for new insights and its heart lies in digital innovation. Digital advertising with the guaranteed best result? Contact the Digital team.


No ivory towers at MEDIALAAN – de Persgroep, only people and brands who love working together. Do you have a question connected with our company vision or our way of doing business? Then contact our “Management” colleagues. They will happily assist you.

Management assistance

Do you want to plan a meeting or book a meeting room? Or do you have a question for the management, but would you rather not bother them with it directly? Then contact our colleagues at “Management Assistance”. They will happily assist you.


Do you have a question about your campaign's impact or reach? Or about the power of our media and products? Team 'Research' will be pleased to show you how our brands, products and platforms can be of added value to your campaign. They will do so using the best arguments, insights and inspiration.


Interested in advertising at DPG Media and looking for help to book a campaign? Do you need advice on certain advertising options? Or do you have a question regarding the rates in a particular region? Our 'Sales' team colleagues will happily assist you.

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