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DPG Media to roll out new video strategy

Substantial investment in local content for two digital platforms and a second VTM channel

Viewing habits are changing at a rapid pace, as are the television and video world, compelling DPG Media to change at the same speed. In step with viewers, DPG Media is therefore rolling out a new video strategy. The new strategy consists of the development of two digital platforms and the strengthening of its linear offering. The main thrust of this strategy is a substantial investment in creative, Flemish content, which will be offered as
broadly as possible, i.e., digitally through VTM GO and, as of this year, also through a new prepaid streaming service, the Flemish equivalent of Netflix. On the linear side, DPG Media is investing in a second VTM channel.

Mix of Flemish and international programmes on second VTM channel

In the past seven years, VTM has come quite far, cementing a unique relationship with Flemish viewers. VTM is now being expanded with the launch of a second VTM channel, which will feature a mix of Flemish and international programmes. DPG Media will soon publish more information about the timing, the name and the programming.

Dirk Lodewyckx, COO and General Director TV, Radio & Streaming said: “We will continue to develop the unique relationship that VTM has with viewers in Flanders, on the linear level as well as with a strong digital story. Besides investments in our linear programming, we will also continue to develop our successful VTM GO platform, in addition to launching a prepaid streaming service. Flemish, creative content is key. Our viewers will become our programme directors: they will determine which content they want to see, when, and with which level of comfort.”

De Bende van Jan De Lichte

Substantial investment in local content for VTM GO and Flemish Netflix

DPG Media continues to invest in the digital transformation of its audiovisual activities. The free VTM GO video platform is a huge success: more than 500,000 active viewers generate over 11.5 million views every month. The new programmes of the second VTM channel will also be available through this service.

DPG Media will also continue to work on the development of a prepaid streaming digital service featuring Belgian and international series and films, the Flemish equivalent of Netflix. It will stream a lot of exclusive content, with fiction making up the most important genre. ‘De Bende van Jan De Lichte’ will for example be made available through this service.

Wilfried Celis

business & development director, DPG Media

“One of our most important ambitions is to achieve growth in video. Hence the substantial investment in both digital and linear. In the next few months we will continue to work on the realisation of our plans, which we will share with our business stakeholders when the time is ripe.”

Changes at VTM KIDS and launch of CAZ 2

Children are increasingly watching TV online. The children’s offering on VTM GO – with over 1 million views every month – will be expanded with new programmes. From 2 March onwards, children can watch one linear channel: VTM KIDS, the result of the merger of VTM KIDS and VTM KIDS Jr. The popular KIDS block of programmes on VTM also continues to be an important way of reaching children.

On 2 March, DPG Media will also launch CAZ 2, a new series channel that will broadcast Flemish and international series. The Walter Presents series – which to date was only available online through VTM GO – can now be viewed on linear TV for the first time. CAZ 2 will also feature series such as Clan, Cordon and Mr. Robot, often programming several episodes back to back in one evening.

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