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Julie Neyman and Olivier Van Zeebroeck to head DPG Media Advertising Belgium


From 1 April, Julie Neyman, Director of Advertising Sales Belgium, and Olivier Van Zeebroeck, Director of Advertising Strategy & Operations, will together head DPG Media Advertising Belgium. They succeed Ben Jansen, Chief Commercial Officer, who is taking on a new challenge outside the company.

As Director of Advertising Sales Belgium, Julie Neyman is in charge of all DPG Media Belgium sales teams, both national and regional, that are responsible for the entire Belgian advertising market. Currently the National Sales Director, Julie has many years of experience in building successful customer relationships. In her new position, she builds on this expertise and assumes additional responsibilities. She will thus contribute to making the story of Integreate reality and be responsible for the Regional Sales, Marketing & Insights and Digital Experts team.


Julie Neyman: "Under Ben Jansen’s leadership, DPG Media Advertising Belgium has grown into an organisation that is strongly oriented towards all things digital, and that connects all offline and online media. By focusing on the customer’s needs with a solid offering, creativity and relevant content, we want to make even more of a difference in the future. I look forward to continuing this story together with Olivier and the entire team."

As Director of Advertising Strategy & Operations, Olivier Van Zeebroeck will be responsible for the advertising strategy in Belgium and the Netherlands and, together with Julie, will be responsible for the successful development of the Belgian Advertising Department. Olivier, who is currently the Digital Director, will lead all teams working on new sales innovations, business development themes and teams striving for operational excellence within the sales organisation. With his digital past, Olivier is very aware of the needs of the market. He knows like no other what the technological needs are and how he can fulfil them as innovatively and efficiently as possible at a strategic level.


Olivier Van Zeebroeck: "In recent years, we have successfully completed the digital shift. With high-quality formats, a huge first-party data offer and an environment with a reliability of 100% as a basis, we now reach 38% of the Flemish population every day. As a result, the digital offering is now an integral part of our cross-media strategy. I want to build on this foundation further, with a dual focus. The first focus is on defining the overall advertising strategy, through which we want to become even more relevant in the communication plans of advertisers. The second focus is the operational excellence of our business, including the further development of our buying and planning platforms and our reporting. I will manage both of these for Belgium and the Netherlands. I am very much looking forward to embarking on this adventure!"

Wilfried Celis takes on the role of Director of Audiovisual Strategy & Partnerships BENE. In this role, he and his team will take responsibility for strategy, strategic content deals, distribution deals and radio and TV partnerships.  This allows Wilfried to continue to build on his current radio and TV expertise. He will work closely with Julie and Olivier and the Director of TV, Streaming and Radio, Dirk Lodewyckx.


Wilfried Celis: "Our news media completes our digital transformation. We now reach more people than ever before, and revenue is also growing strongly. Our audiovisual media face the same challenge. We have the expertise, and we have every opportunity to succeed. That’s what I’m going to do!"

Kris Vervaet, CEO DPG Media Belgium: "The DPG Media advertising team has developed into a multimedia team that makes all the difference in the print, radio and television advertising market in Belgium. With a strong digital focus, the team has become a local digital champion and an ambitious challenger to international tech giants.
I am pleased that talents such as Julie Neyman, Olivier Van Zeebroeck and Wilfried Celis can take a leading role within DPG Media in the further development of our organisation. Together with their teams, they stay close to our customers every day. They speak their language and know the market inside and out. 

With our colleagues in the Netherlands, our teams are building on the future of advertising products, tools, processes and systems. This international approach, in which we share knowledge and investments, enables us to make a real difference compared to international tech players. I wish Julie, Olivier and Wilfried every success in their new challenge."

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