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Three reasons why jingles are absolutely your thing

1. There are endless creative possibilities

A jingle is perfect for making your brand burst onto the screen in a creative way. The playful transition between the channel's logo and your message ensures extra attention from the general public. VTM's new look & feel is an ideal aid to amplify this effect.

2. Thanks to their perfect timing, the impact of jingles is above average

Timing is an important factor in optimising the impact of your message. A jingle creatively involves the viewer in your story, and it does so at exactly the right moment: right at the start of the advertising block. In combination with the format's fun factor and the extra match with the channel, these elements ensure a greater impact.

3. Maximum reach for your promotion, special offer or discount

A jingle's message is short but powerful. So, a motivational concept in the form of a promotion, special offer or discount fits in perfectly with this type of creative advertisement. With a jingle, you also conveniently benefit from the format's greater reach thanks to its entertainment factor.

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