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Video is booming business

HLN.be is surfing along the video wave.

As Flanders' biggest news site, HLN.be follows the video trend. Why? Because net surfers adore video. They watch an average of 47.4 minutes of online video per day, 28.8 minutes of which exclusively via smartphone.

More than eight million video views

In January this year, HLN.be had reached more than eight million video views. That is an awful lot of videos watched. One of the reasons  for the success of video on HLN.be is the ever-increasing hunger for news experience among consumers and the fact that HLN.be guarantees a constant stream of news.

One in two 18 to 49 year olds watches videos when consuming news. So no more dull sites built around an article with one or more photos. Short or longer videos, with a fresh and catchy presentation, that is what the consumer seeks, demands and expects. HLN.be responds to this with premium content, created by their own journalists, meeting the quality criteria of Het Laatste Nieuws.

Video on HLN.be: what are you waiting for?

  1. Video is the ideal addition to classic news reporting. After all, pictures say more than words and moreover, video can provide both valuable and playful background information (consider rewarding formats such as ‘10 things you didn't know about’ or ‘Our expert answers three important questions’).

    See an exemple here

  2. Video can make ANY topic accessible. It is the medium for explaining new terms and concepts. Hello big audience!

    See an exemple here
  3. Video fragments from the entertainment sector are very popular (TV, radio, concerts etc.): HLN.be offers its surfers a significant amount of entertainment videos.

    See an exemple here

Own content scores points


The most recent CIM video figures show that HLN.be is the absolute number one in video. Even more important: At least 6.7 million views went to our home-made videos!

The video platform offers something for everyone

In order to bundle all that video on HLN.be, in January, HLN.be started a separate video channel:

  1. The video platform provides the visitor with a clear and complete overview, whether you are looking for the latest news or the most recent entertainment news.
  2. The consumer can find more content here thanks to a continuous stream of fresh video news.
  3. There is something for every consumer, thanks to the division into different channels: #Nieuwsfeed (news reports), Trending (sensational videos from internet and TV), Viral3 (the best virals from the web), Showbiz (TV, films, series, music and celebs) and Goedele360 (Goedele answers all questions about sex and relationships).

The result? People stay on the video platform for longer and watch more video, including the video ads.


What's in it for you?

An awfully large inventory! At HLN.be, we provide for 6.7 million advertisement locations monthly. Add another 890 million inventory on vtm.be and Stievie (via the app and the site) on a yearly basis and the total offer becomes gargantuan. Do you prefer inRead inventory? No problem, we also have 670 million advertisement blocks a year in that format ready for you on HLN.be.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Contact Gert Mertens, he will be pleased to help you.

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