Digitaal adverteren met video.

Tech specs

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Video Formats: mp4, mov, mpeg4, avi, and other. (no flash-files)
  • No maximum file size/weight
  • Sound: integrated -23 LUFS, following the R128 norm


  • 3 business days before the start of the campaign
  • Via traffic team: The video file (obligated), click url (obligated) and trackers (optional) should be delivered at digital.adops@medialaan.be
  • Via DMAT: The video can be delivered at D-MAT. Mention “preroll” or “online” in the title. The clickurl (obligated) and trackers (optional) should be delivered at digital.adops@medialaan.be

Tracking & redirect

Third party tracking url can be used to measure ad metrics (not content metrics). It provides details on user interaction (viewing and clicking) with creatives for reporting and analytics purposes.

We allow three kinds of tracking urls:

  • Impression tracker to measure how many impressions a creative has made
  • Tracker to measure how much of the creative the viewer has seen (25%, 50%, 75%, 100% = full view)
  • Click tracker to measure how many clicks that a creative has made

THIRD party redirect:

Medialaan - De Persgroep does not allow redirected video ads. All video ads must be served by our FreeWheel server or the Medialaan private server.

! Attention

If the quality of your video file is not high enough, the traffic team might refuse to use it.

The reasons for rejecting a commercial include a lack of homogeneity of the images, blurred images, poor color quality, asynchronous sound and images, spoken text that is incomprehensible, printed text that is illegible, and other shortcomings.


Heb je op weekdagen voor 08:30 uur of na 17:30 uur, of in het weekend een dringend probleem met je campagne? Bel voor radio, televisie of publishing naar 02 255 04 04 en voor digitaal naar 0477 910 908 en we lossen het voor je op.